January Goals



January will be a busy month.

It is school holidays, but I will endeavor to spend at least six hours a day working.
I plan to complete my Heaven Sent edits, whilst working on the website and the blog. I also plan to spend more time reading. No Netflix binges. Instead, I want to spend my evenings reading. This is in part because I feel I’m not reading enough, and in part, because I want to participate in the Waimakariri Summer Reading Challenge for Adults this year.

The objective for this is to:

1). Read a book by a New Zealand author (that’s pretty easy – I have a lot of my friends’ books lined up to read!). I’ve been looking forward to reading J. C. Harroway’s ‘A Week to be Wild’ which is being released on the 22nd January this year. So that will be my chosen New Zealand author for the month.

A Week to be Wild.jpg

2). Read a book with an appealing cover: I plan to read I Won’t Be Home for Christmas by Amanda Prowse. A gift from my good friend Jonelle, and one I started whilst recuperating last year but didn’t finish. I love the cover, which has beautiful bright colors and the native Christmas tree, the Pohutakawa.

I wont be home for Christmas.jpeg

3). Read the first book of a series: I plan to read Post Mortem by Patricia Cornwell. I read it years ago and so enjoyed the series, it will be fun to revisit again.

Post mortem.jpeg

4). Read a book set in a place you want to visit. I’ve always wanted to visit LA, so decided to revisit Lucky, a book I read years ago by Jackie Collins. 

Lucky .jpg







5). Read a book set in the future. Margaret Atwell’s The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid's Tale.jpg

6). Watch a DVD based on a book. James Patterson’s Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas. I love this book, it’s so bittersweet and gut-wrenching, and yet romantic on a base level. I’m looking forward to watching the movie. (Watched January 3rd, 2018, and enjoyed it almost as much as the book!).

Suzannes Diary for Nicholas.jpg

7). Read a Biography or a Memoir: I purchased John Key’s Autobiography – Portrait of a Prime Minister a few years ago and started, but never finished it. So now’s the time to actually read it!

John Key.jpg

8). Read a Cookbook and make something from it: Haha, that one’s easy. I do it almost every day. My boys bought me Nadia Lim’s new cookery book and I’ve been eyeing up several recipes. Looks as though it will be time to choose which during January.



9). Re-read a book you loved as a child. For years, I’ve had Enid Blyton books sat on my shelves. I read and re-read them as a child, but haven’t revisited them. When mum visited a few years ago, she brought with her the first Famous Five novel, so it looks as though I’m going to have a re-read of that!

Five on a Treasure Island.jpg

10). Read a graphic novel. Years ago Hubby bought the graphic novel version of Terry Pratchett’s Light Fantastic. Try as I may, I’ve never been able to get into the Discworld series, but I’m going to give it another crack!

Terry Pratchett Light Fantastic.jpg

11). Read a book with a one-word title: I plan to read Heather Graham’s – Suspicious. Set in the Everglades it’s a crime thriller that I’ve had sat on my reading pile for too long!


12). Read a book of poetry and share one of the poems with someone: Travelling Light book of poetry by Vicky Johnstone. I’ve shared with my eldest son who loves poetry.

Travelling Light.jpg

13). Read a short story collection. The Thing Around Your Neck by
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Although published in 2009,  the collection of 12 short stories in this book look at immigrants and permanent residents experiences in the US. I kinda feel it’s topical at the moment, so figured why not!

The thing around your neck.jpg

14). Read a debut novel: I plan to read Christchurch author Deborah J Gray’s  debut novel The Water Kingdom.

The Water Kingdom.jpg

15). Read a book recommended by someone considerably younger or older than you. My youngest son challenged me to read the David Walliams Bad Dad book. He’s read all of the series and loves them. So it looks as though it’s my turn!

Bad Dad.jpg

As an add-on, I started the year with Stephanie Lauren’s Devil’s Bride. The Bar Cynster series has long been my favorite historical romance go-to’s, so sixteen for the summer… that’s more than enough to sink my teeth into me thinks!

I’ll let you know how I go…

So, it looks as though the start of the year is going to be pretty full on. Let’s hope the weather is nice enough that I can lie in the sun and read too – let’s face it, that’s what summer reading is all about. Isn’t it?



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